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Melco believes that its employees are the single most important component in determining its future successes. Consistent with this belief, Melco has implemented a number of human resource initiatives in recent years for the benefit of its employees and their families. These initiatives include a unique in-house Learning Academy, an on-site high school diploma program and scholarship awards, as well as fast-track promotion training initiatives jointly coordinated with the School of Continuing Study of Macau University of Science & Technology and Macao Technology Committee.

Learning Academy

Melco is devoted to nurturing future talents for gaming and entertainment industry. To realize this commitment, Melco announced a series of initiatives as part of its employee development pledge, among which include an in-house Learning Academy launched in 2009; representing possibly the first and only program of its kind in Macau. Taking a “whole person” development approach, the Learning Academy offers both professional and personal lifelong learning opportunities to its employees, including job-related training, cross-functional professional development and lifestyle enhancement courses.

The long-term vision of the Learning Academy is to have professional and educational learning programs for employees at all levels and functions of the organization. Some of the programs offered through the Learning Academy will be in partnership with major international and local educational institutions and will allow employees to earn credits, diplomas and/or certificates.


Encouraging learning and further education are not just the responsibilities of a government, but also those of family and employers. Many people who have begun careers find it difficult to resume academic aspirations. Melco encourages life-long learning through the offering of scholarships.

Melco has launched a number of development initiatives, including a Corporate Management Trainee Program; scholarships for employees and their immediate families with a total commitment of MOP2 million (JPY 29.67 million*); and a tuition reimbursement scheme for college courses, under which MRE reimburses employees for up to 50% of all job-related college course fees.

Putting its commitment to nurture next-generation leaders in Macau’s gaming industry into practice, the Melco Scholarship Program is Macau’s first scholarship program that covers employees and their immediate family members. The Scholarship Program was very well received among employees across all of Melco’s properties – Altira Macau, City of Dreams, Mocha Clubs and Studio City. Melco also provides various scholarships for completing a full four-year degree program at any of the universities in Macau. This encourages the concept of life-long learning. Such scholarships are provided for employees and their families, as the Company believes in the importance of education for the entire household. There is a “Hope Scholarship” category as well, which was incepted in 2010, and it is offered to those who face extraordinary circumstances and would otherwise be prevented from meeting relevant academic criteria.

Back to school

Melco believes that encouraging learning and higher education is paramount. To enable colleagues to pursue their high school education while still working, Melco launched the “Back to School” general education program in partnership with the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macau. This program is taught on-site at our Learning Academy, allowing employees’ greater flexibility in earning their high school diploma – an essential qualification for advancing their career.

Began in 2010, this unique program brings the high school diploma in-house and within reach of staff that has since enrolled 75 students ranging in ages from 22 to over 50 years old.

Graduates of the Melco Back to School General Education Program are offered the opportunity to further their study in a local tertiary institute to lay a solid foundation for their career development.