Social Safeguard
Model Employer

Within Melco, employees are treated fairly and with respect. To help them develop as well-rounded individuals and become even more valuable staff members, Melco provides a wide range of education and training opportunities.

Promoting an Inclusive Environment

Melco is one of the largest gaming and entertainment companies in the world, offering award-winning restaurants, hotels and entertainment. This did not happen by accident. It is the combination of Melco's people, vision and execution which helps achieve the distinction enjoyed today. Currently, the Melco family has over 20,000 employees. We do not only create job opportunities for the region, but also encourage career development for our employees to grow with internal promotions and transfers, within their countries or internationally.

Melco is an equal opportunity employer and believes in the fair treatment of all its current and potential employees. 91% of 4,000 surveyed employees rated Melco as “excellent” and “above average” place to work.

It is our belief that if we take care of our people, our people will take care of our customers. Our entire management is dedicated to this belief and continues to strive to make Melco one of the best employers.

Heart of House

The Heart of House facilities are a reflection of Melco’s understanding that the needs of employees are central to the advancement of the Group. This is where is all begins from the HEART.

The Heart of House features many best-in-class amenities, including dining rooms that offer a wide selection of cuisine, ranging from Asian and international fare to healthy options. There is also a 24-hour canteen where employees can enjoy free meals during their working hours, serving buffets with an exceptional range of choices to cater to the needs of various dietary habits of employees from all around the world. That include meat, vegetables, healthy options and a Muslim counter that offer Chinese-Islamic cuisine for employees.

Still other services that address employees daily needs include an automatic laundry service, where the use of a staff card allows for the deposit or pickup of uniforms at a self-service counter. There is also a rest area that is equipped with massage armchairs, TVs, desktops, snack counter and other amenities for employees to enjoy a periodic rest. Still other facilities include an employee concierge desk, onsite medical clinic and even a Learning Academy that offers courses for advancing one’s skills and career.

We ensured employees are recognized by their outstanding performance.