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Environmental Sustainability

Award-winning IR operator earning a series of green awards

As an environmentally responsible company, Melco strives to make the most effective use of the resources it consumes and proactively takes action to mitigate the impact of its operations on the environment.

Melco manages the use of energy resources efficiently and wisely to the greatest extent possible, aiming at reducing carbon emission and conserving water.

  • City of Dreams, Macau, with the second largest Centralized Cooling System in the South China hospitality industry, has been recognized for its high energy efficiency. It also has a state-of-the-art indoor air purification system that conserves energy by reducing the need for outdoor fresh air. City of Dreams received the “Energy Saving Concept Award”, and became the first and only hospitality facility in Macau to attain ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, along with an Indoor Environmental Quality Certificate.

  • Since 2013, two biodegradable food waste decomposers have been installed at City of Dreams, Macau to reduce food waste via the use of microorganisms. The food decomposers handle 200kg of food waste daily, which is equivalent to 73 tons a year, to achieve a 96% reduction of CO2 emissions per 10 tons of food waste. Residuals can be recycled into useful organic fertiliser after six months.

  • The House of Dancing Water at City of Dreams, Macau employs a sophisticated filtration system that allows the resort to use and reuse pool water indefinitely. Also, the grey water system at Altira Macau recycles treated guestroom sink, shower and bath water as flush water, which saves more than half of the freshwater normally required for flushing. In all of Melco’s properties, many other state-of-the-art equipment are installed for conserving water, including automatic sensors in all faucets and a rainwater recovery system to store rainwater for irrigation. In addition, employees are educated on reducing water usage when cleaning guestrooms and public areas.

  • Crown Towers, Hard Rock Hotel and Grand Hyatt Macau, the three hotels in City of Dreams, Macau, all garnered the 2011 Macao Green Hotel Award – two years running – co-organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Macau Government Tourist Office. Environment initiatives and concerns have always been a part of the fabric of Melco.

  • Energy-efficient LED lights are used extensively, both on the façade and for interior illumination. T5 tubes, the most energy efficient option on the market, are used in Heart of House, while outdoor light fixtures are controlled by photo sensors.

Recognitions and Achievements
  • Asian Excellence Award - Best Environmental Responsibility 2013-16

  • Altira Macau received the “Hotel (Group C) Excellence Award” at the Energy Saving Contest 2012 & 2014 by GDSE of Macau SAR and Macau CEM and obtained ISO14001:2004 Certification accredited by SGS Hong Kong

  • Crown Towers, Hard Rock Hotel and Grand Hyatt Macau earned Gold Awards in Macau Green Hotel Awards 2015; the hotels were also accredited with ISO14001:2004 Certification by SGS Hong Kong

  • City of Dreams, Macau earned the Indoor Environmental Quality Certificate as accredited by SGS Hong Kong

  • City of Dreams, Macau won the “Energy-saving Concept Award” and “Excellence Award” in the Hotel Group C category at the Macau Energy Saving Contest 2013

  • First runner-up of the distinctive exhibition booth in the Green Booth Awards in the 2014 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF).

  • City of Dreams, Macau, our flagship integrated resort in Macau was awarded with ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventories and Verification accredited by SGS Hong Kong Limited.

  • One of the Excellence Award winners in the Environmental Performance category of the Business Awards of Macau 2014