Pangaea and Chaos
at City of Dreams Manila

City of Dreams Manila houses Pangaea and Chaos, two premium nightclubs developed by the group led by the distinguished nightclub operator and “International King of Clubs,” Michael Van Cleef Ault, who has created dozens of clubs located in the trendiest cities in the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Aspen, Sao Paulo, Monte Carlo and London.

Both clubs are situated inside the City of Dreams Manila’s iconic Fortune Egg, an architecturally-unique dome-like structure accented with creative exterior lighting design, whichbecomes a landmark of the Manila Bay area.

Pangaea, with an ambiance abounding in elegance, Manila’s most exclusive Ultra-Lounge, fuses the exotic and the glamorous. Guests can experience the best in entertainment with tables encircling a rotating grand piano DJ booth. The ”Study Lounge” offers an intimate escape, while the ”Peacock Room” gives guests the ultimate VIP experience.

An iconic venue for parties in Singapore, New York, London, Marbella, and Hollywood, Pangaea has hosted A-listers including Madonna, David Beckham, Steven Tyler, Cee-Lo Green, Jessica Alba, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Moss, and powerful political figures and billionaires.

Chaos, the world’s first “bottled service” nightclubmakes its debut in Manila and offers an unparalleled nightlife experience. Guests can indulge in their fantasies as acrobats, dancers, and various performers provide entertainment alongside world-class DJs in high-energy dance clubs. Chaos also has 10 gorgeously-designed KTV suites.

Pangaea and Chaos are destined to set the standard for excellence in exciting nightlife in Manila, catering for the needs of the region’s increasingly growing legion of leisure and entertainment destination seekers.