The House of Dancing Water
at City of Dreams, Macau

The House of Dancing Water is emblematic of Melco’s commitment to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences that guests will remember for a lifetime.

Over USD 250 million (JPY 29 billion) in investment, five years of planning and two years of rehearsals went into the creation of The House of Dancing Water, which made its grand debut in the Dancing Water Theater at City of Dreams on September 16, 2010. Since that momentous day, The House of Dancing Water has attracted over 4 million spectators and has become one of the most distinctive must-see attractions in Macau. This world’s largest water-based extravaganza represents the live entertainment centerpiece of City of Dreams’ overall leisure and entertainment.

The award-winning The House of Dancing Water has been an undeniable success, regarded as a phenomenal attraction in the eyes of visitors, whether from Asia or around the world. It has not only earned plaudits from audiences and critics alike, but has also had a positive ripple effect on the entire business, resulting in higher property visitations, hotel occupancies, restaurant covers and gaming spend.

The brainchild of world-renowned show maker Mr. Franco Dragone, The House of Dancing Water is a Chinese culture-inspired extravaganza. With a dynamic cast consisting of 80 performance artists recruited from around the globe and approximately 160 world-class production staff, technicians and professional divers, it is a theatrical masterpiece of incredible artistry, exceptional physicality and dramatic special effects that enthrals audiences of all ages.

The story initially takes place in Coloane, where a fisherman is enjoying a pleasant journey at sea. Suddenly, a mysterious underwater energy creates a terrible whirlpool that grabs the fisherman and pulls him to a place and time of legends. He is unable to apprehend what is happening and is left disoriented for a period of time. A storm erupts, bringing yet another shipwreck survivor to this magical kingdom. The new stranger encounters and falls in love with a beautiful princess who has been imprisoned by her evil stepmother, the Dark Queen. Without hesitation, the fisherman decides to help the stranger to fight against the Dark Queen and rescue the princess. With his help, the stranger and the princess defeat the Dark Queen, and the fisherman even obtains an unexpected reward.

The 2,000-seat, 270-degree Dancing Water Theater has been purpose built for the show, equipped with state-of-the-art stage equipment. The center stage contains the world’s largest commercial pool – 20 meters in diameter and 8 meters deep, holding 3.7 million gallons of water (more than five times the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool). The stage also features 239 automated fountains and 11 ten-ton elevators that allow the stage floor to transform into a pool in less than a minute. Forty meters above the main pool is an array of 140 computerized winches, rigs, pulleys and lifts that enables the performers to execute exhilarating aerial acrobatics seemingly effortlessly. Together with state-of-the-art audio visuals and Fog, Water and Air sequences, the awe-inspiring show is able to amaze audiences through a myriad of sights and sounds.

For show schedule and more details, please visit http://thehouseofdancingwater.com/en/ .