Corporate Citizenship in Japan
Cultural Preservation

As a multinational and multicultural integrated resort operator, Melco has always attached great importance to the preservation and promotion of local culture.

Japan is always perceived as one of the most culturally rich countries in the world. With deep respect to the rich culture, Melco has been involved with Japan and supported in various cultural and educational events in Japan since 2011,, including the “Japan Recovery Music Festival”, which was followed by an excursion organized for 300 disaster-affected students, bringing them to Okinawa and Osaka to enjoy outdoor activities. Such efforts are emblematic of Melco’s proactive and innovative approach towards contributing to Japanese society.

In its latest effort, Melco announced its collaboration with Tokyo University of the Arts, with the goal of perpetuating and evolving traditional Japanese culture. Following was the launch of its signature “Dare to Dream” CSR series as part of Melco’s overall cultural project in Japan: “着物×きもの×KIMONO – preserve the legacy, create the future”.

Melco is honored to play a proactive role in guarding the values and culture of Japan as it continues its CSR initiatives in other parts of Asia.